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Thanks guys very much, this is a great discussion and one of the reasons I frequent TFL. All of my questions have been answered.

I'll make it clear that "trust" of my FFL wasn't an issue. I know how difficult it is sometimes to convey emotion (or lack of it) over the intenet, and by no means am/was I mistrustful of my FFL, nor is this the only FFL I use. I am neither indignant, mistrustful, or now skeptical that there was anything amiss. There is a legal requirement of "next business day" that I was not aware of, which in the end, is the driving force behind this whole thread.

I think the "emotion" that I may have conveyed via my choice of words was simply the disappointment that a child would feel if Mom and Dad made their kids sit and watch while they opened all the presents and handed them to them on Christmas... kinda removes the magic from the equation. This was my first gun of this type (a year in the works) and the whole process was just a bit deflated when I saw the already open box. I know everybody can appreciate this!

The legal aspect of the FFL needing to open the box and verify numbers prior to closing the next business day makes everything very clear. In thinking back, every gun I've ever picked up was same-day, and this gun arrived Wed but I was out of town until I picked it up Sat... so it sat for 4 days, necessitating him to open it himself Thurs night.

I learned a great deal here and am now a much more informed consumer and can pass along this infomation in the future. Thanks for all the input! In the future, I will be to ask the FFL his specific routine, and make sure I'm there the day it arrives so I can have my little pleasure of opening the box myself. Thanks again to all.

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