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There seem to be a lot of 4" and 6 1/2" S&W models 29 ( blued or Nickel) or the 629's ( stainless) around lately....

$ 500 is going to be a little thin...with the average probably being around
$ 750 or so .../ unless you find a very motivated seller at a local gun show or something....but then that's part of the fun of finding a new gun get some notes together ...on the dash numbers within the models you like ...and educate yourself on what you like / what to look for to check the timing, etc...

Standard catalog barrel lengths were 4", 6 1/2" and 8 3/8" ...but there were all kinds of guns made with in between barrel lengths some of the Mountain Guns or Trail Boss models...even down to 3"...some were even ported. But like Chris said, shooting a 3" .44 mag, even ported, is a handfull...and while I like it ...a box of 50 rds thru the 3" Trail Boss I have is plenty for one day.../ where I can shoot a 6 1/2" or 8 3/8" all day long - more or less...
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