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Hello BigJimP,,,

If I tell you to stand still....and I suprise you by tossing 3 shiny balls out accross the parking lot ....will you just chase one ...or fall on your knees and cry because you can't chase all 3 at once...

( is there a shiny firearm out there ....that your evil pawn shop guy can't sell you ....or get your attention with ) ??? ......that you will actually walk away from ...and go, naw, I don't want one of those ....

I'm starting to think you just believe ...that every stray needs a home.../ even the ugly ones.....???
I had to laugh at this one,,,
I do that to my newest cat all the time,,,
If I roll one golf ball he hits it like a crazed tiger,,,
If I roll several at one toss he gets all confused which to chase.

I turn guns down all the time at the Evil Pawn Shop,,,
But you are somewhat correct in that I do like to rescue orphans.

What I'm really always on the lookout for,,,
Are deals I can afford to use as future graduation gifts.

One young lady I take to the range loves to shoot my Mom's Colt Frontier Scout,,,
She will graduate with a B.S. in Engineering Technology in Spring 2013,,,
So I'm on the lookout for a decent single-action 22 as a gift for her,,,
I want to make her a Dale Evans fancy rig with her grad date.

And as it so happens The Evil Pawn Shop has one (Colt) right now,,,
Extremely good condition with the original fitted box and all of the accessories.

Unfortunately for me he is also asking a correspondingly high price of $550.00,,,
In the shape it's in with all the goodies it's worth it but it's no bargain.

I keep looking through his counters every week,,,
Eventually something will turn up in a good rimfire revolver or semi-auto.

One of the young men I shoot with loves my Ruger 22/45 and Beretta NEOS pistols,,,
He doesn't have a strong preference of one over the other,,,
He just likes sleek .22 target pistols.

Someday I'll find a nice used specimen for a bargain price,,,
Then I'll encase it with some spare mags and maintenance accessories.

Anyways I had to chuckle at your post,,,
You do seem to have a handle on my buying tendencies.


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Aarond is good,,, Aarond is wise,,, Always trust Aarond! (most of the time)

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