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went down to the local tactical shop, was very impressed by the selection, prices and salesmanship. Talked for probably 30-45 minutes about different models, features, etc. Was told that taking a hunter's safety course (although I plan to do no hunting) would be a good start as it would teach basic firearms safety. From there It was suggested that I contact my local NRA rep. or check if anybody is offering basic training at the Cody Shooting Complex (local range)

Got to dry fire the MKIII, SR22, and the Ruger Single-10. Much to my surprise I was very taken with the revolver and SR22. The MKIII didn't seem to do it for me.

Among other things on the MKIII, The magazine disconnect was a real turn off. If I did go for it, that would be the first thing i'd put the kibosh on. Everything seemed very stiff and unfreindly. Maybe it's just from it being a new gun but I literally had to flip it on it's side and push down with my thumb to move the slide back into place after cocking it (not sure of the technical term for that, if there is one.) Probably the biggest thing was I didn't really "understand" why it was doing what it would do. I'm sure this is more me not really understanding how semi-auto handguns work rather than the gun being broken or anything.

On the flip side I was very taken by the single-10. Was very simple to understand, (cock the hammer, aim and pull the trigger, K.I.S.S.) had good build quality, and the action was very smooth on it (I didn't dryfire it but I did hold my finger on the hammer and "simulate" a few shots while slowly moving it back into place after firing. The weight was fairly impressive, at least for a 22, but i'm sure that's from it being all or at least mostly steel construction.

They didn't have any police trade in's "right now" which lead me to believe that they do get some in every now and again.

So, I think I'm going to work on getting some safety training, and hopefully in a short while (need some time to sock away cash too) I'll pick something up and head down to the range to break it in.
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