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Questions for Daniel Defense Owners

Let me start off by saying that I am a bit of a noobie when it comes to the AR platform. I have shot a handful but I recently came into a little bit of money and I want to go ahead and purchase my first AR15. I've pretty much decided on a daniel defense. (I've read nothing but glowing reviews and the furniture and accessories that are included are pretty much exactly what I want). I want to get one with the 9 inch quad rail but I have a few questions for you experts.

#1 - I was told by a guy at a local shop that the mid-length gas system is better over the carbine length because it is supposed to provide less felt recoil and keep the gun a bit cleaner. I was hoping someone could elaborate on this a bit more and tell me why I might prefer one system over the other.

#2 - Looking at the models DD offers that fit my requirements, they have a
V4 (Carbine length) and a V3 (Mid length). The V4 has fixed, but removable, sights while the V3 seems to only come with a fixed A2 styled front sight post. Why is this? I can't quite afford optics at the moment but ideally I would like to have the removable sights so that I can replace them with flip up front and rears when I get the money for an EOTech. Is this common among other manufacturers or is the specific to DD? What is involved with removing that A2 style front post if I choose the mid length system?

#3 - What is a fair price for these riffles? The DD website list their prices up to $1800, but I've read reviews with people saying that they found them at local shops for far less.

#4 - Any feedback from DD owners would be greatly appreciated. I would love to know what owners of these riffles have to say about their quality and reliability.

Thanks in advance for those who take the time to answer some of my noobie quistions,
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