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Brass rating.

This has been in my head lately. Using a list of brass from various manufacturers, from experience how would you rate brass in overall general use. From everything to longevity, most consistent, AFFORDABILITY, ease of use, etc. Tell me what you think. Before you list the manufacturers, let me know what class of cartridge your are talking about, i.e. revolver, semi-auto handgun, rifle...

Here's a few to consider, but don't limit your list of best-to-worst to just what I list:
FC, RP, Win, LC, PMC, Hornady, Lapua, Norma, Starline, S&B, CBC,... the list goes on...

I'm just curious as to what everyone thinks. I'm sure everyone will have their opinions, but I expect to see some general trends to show up if this thread goes on.

Thanks everyone!
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