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What have I done? Noob to reloading, gotta start somewhere....

Hello all, glad to be here on the forum. I just wanted to start out with a post a with a little bit of a different angle than what you see on most "hey I'm new need advice" posts. I surely would like advice, but I've already jumped in and purchased a bunch of stuff...

I will tell you that prior to the initial purchases I spent almost a week online until I reached information overload. Forums, sites dedicated to reloading, YouTube videos and the like. I also spoke on the phone at length with guys who have been reloading for a while. At the end of the day I stopped pondering and just went for it.

My goals:

To reload 1k rounds of 223/5.56 per month as a start, with a goal of being able to add 308 and 40 S&W in the future. One step at a time.

What I bought:

-Lee Classic Turret Press with necessary accessories: double disc kit, auto measure riser, 223 dies, reloading stand, rifle charging die, case length gauge and some other stuff I probably forgot.

- 2k projectiles and brass from Everglades Ammo and reloading.

-2k CCI 450 small rifle magnum primers.

-8 lb jug of Accurate 2230 powder.

I have to add that I did not come up with this combo without some research and consult both online and over the phone to ensure everything was compatible. I know there are better loads out there that I have yet to learn about, and I know that I probably overpaid as I haven't been doing this too long. Besides the online manuals that I checked out (my book is coming with the Lee kit), forums often have differences of opinion on just about every combination out there from what I've seen. One person swears by the load, someone else is skeptical and others still recommend something completely different. It can be overwhelming for someone like me!

I'd just like some feedback or tips going into this. I hope to have everything set up and running by this weekend...

Thanks in advance.
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