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"Not to disparage your good group, but with only three shots there is a good probability of chance that increases in proportion to how accurate the rifle is. How about shooting a five shot group to rule-out chance."

hey, how about 5 round, 10 round, 20 round groups?
just kidding.......i have 3 weatherby vanguards in 243, 7mm mag and 300 win mag and all of them shoot like yours. congrats on your weatherby, your gonna like it
5 would be very good, 10 would be even better, 20 would remove any and all doubt. But then you are not going to get the wows from the Johnny six-packs. And yes, Weatherby rifles, including the Vanguards have always been nice rifles. At one time, you could get one from a bank in Colorado in lieu of interest if one would deposit $5000 or so in a savings account. I would have liked to have a Vanguard because of the selection of standard chamberings...I did not care for proprietary cartridges with their strange radius instead of angles.
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