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Or get a hunting rifle and sit in a deer stand
You have implied a lack of experience with hunting/sporting rifles. You still do not get what I intended. I have been seeking accuracy with sporting/hunting rifles all my life (I am 69). I do not shoot bench rest rifles. I am however, very interested in the accuracy of sporting weight rifles and have pursued that end all my life with some surceases including cast-lead bullets in sporting rifles. I have hunted and killed many, many deer in my lifetime.
Many times, I have been seduced by teaser, three-round groups only to re-fire a five-shot group that demonstrated that my hand load was not as accurate as the three shot group indicated.
If you are convinced that your three shot group is indicative of an accurate rifle and load combination, just shoot another three shot group and post will end my having the frustration of trying to explain statistics to people who do not understand them and their relevancy to the shooting sport. If your combo is accurate, you should be able to replicate that group size. Just shoot another group. Please do it quickly, the once-per-years are beginning to come out of the woodwork.

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