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So which would you opt for with my small cleaning volumes?
If you can get it locally, I get the Berry's. It's not that big. Besides, the more media you have churning, the faster it's going to clean, and the longer the media's going to last. The other plus's are you are not going to grow out of it as fast, and you can tumble say bottleneck rifle and pistol together. Just don't tumble sizes that can slip inside each other together, like .9mm and .40 for example. The twin pack would be okay, but I'm not seeing the need or advantage for the second bowl.....gimmicky.

I started with the Lyman Pro Magnum 2500, and I can't for the life of me see any advantage of down sizing. It'll tumble whatever sized load I want. I use 20/40 corn cob with a cap-full of Dillon polish. (any metal polish is fine) My source is the cheapest I could find, Drillspot. You can probably find a similar source (blast media) where you live. I don't like walnut because while it cleans a bit faster it scratches instead of polishes. That's my view.

As for the tumble or not argument going on, Hell, guys, who cares? I loaded for 35 years before I bought my first and only tumbler, and my loads worked fine. Bling, though adds a little candy for my tired eyes, and it's way faster to tumble a 1000 cases than to wipe a 1000 cases....and that there is the reason.....bling is just the gravy on top. Wish I'd bought that tumbler years earlier...........lesson learned. Recently I added a Thumlers Wet Tumbler, and stainless steel media to my tumbler stable. Just because I'm starting to look used these days, at least my brass doesn't have to.....what can I say...bling is a addiction that doesn't hurt you! What ever makes you your brass THAT way, okay?.

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