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Thx for the compliments guys

The Pythons are very smooth, especially one in particular. However, this particular 357 and my OMM both have actions that make the Pythons feel like a Taurus.
Actually that is also my experience. My guess is to why this is true is that they later increased production and the guys building these paid less and less attention to each one, UNLESS it was a Python. My 1950s Colts have excellent trigger pulls compared most Pythons I have handled. I also don't think we all have tuned Colts. I believe these are factory, and they're just that good.

I feel better about the problem with mine now that I see what these model 357s bring. I bought mine from a guy for $400 because it had a timing problem. I sent it to Colt only recently, and the bill came back to me as $220, so I will have in it approx what they go for which isn't a big deal. They told me 12 to 16 wks for the repair, after I paid! I'm just happy to have one of these 357 models. I rarely see them in person anywhere.

Also, nice OMM. Here is mine, from 1958, pictured with my Diamondback and Colt Frontier buntline 22. I like the OMM a lot better than the Diamondback.

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