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Here's a couple really quick tips that will serve you well as the proud owner of that new Sig 1911-22.

That pistol is Sig branded and backed by Sig, but for the purpose of discussion and research, you have the GSG 1911-22 pistol as imported by ATI. If you have a prodblem with it and need service, you contact Sig and they back their guns very well. But if you wish to search around here on TFL Forums or other places online for discussion regarding your model of pistol, it truly is the same thing as the GSG 1911-22 and the magazines are interchangeable.

Second tip is that this pistol takes a good 20-40 rounds to "work in" back to it's top accuracy potential after any time that it's been taken apart for cleaning. And by taken apart, I mean after that right side screw has been extracted and the barrel removed from the frame.

Not that it won't shoot right after a cleaning -- it certainly will, just be warned that it won't shoot it's tightest groups in the first mag or two until it's worked itself back in to it's "spot."

NOTE: This has been -my- experience with my pistol in 3,592 documented rounds since April 30, 2012 when I purchased my GSG 1911-22. If anyone else's experiences are different, they differ from mine.
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