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Thanks for all the replies Gentlemen,,,

I read them this morning and they gave me a basis from which to search for more web info.

I think I'm going to pass on the little gun,,,
I found far too many instances of them breaking near the trigger guard.

So even though it's in very nice condition,,,
I think I will pass on it as I want shootable guns.

What I was originally thinking was,,,
It would be a nice pistol to encase as a gift.

Right now I regularly go shooting with three undergrads,,,
Two young ladies and one young man.

I'm always on the lookout for good buys on used handguns,,,
Ones that I can make a little kit for and use as a graduation present.

I was hoping that this little gun would be of a high enough quality,,,
That it would be a reliable plinker I could turn into a gift.

Oh well,,,
I'm always looking.

Thanks for your help gentlemen,,,
I always know where to go to receive good answers.


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