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Do what I did. Buy a Glock 23 (.40 S&W) and go to glockmeister or and order a Glock 32 (.357 SIG) barrel. It's a drop in barrel replacement. Same spring, extractor, magazines, EVERYTHING is the same as the .40, just change the barrel. The .357 SIG barrel is a bull barrel that fits perfectly in the Glock 23 slide. Since .357 SIG ammo is expensive, I just buy a little here and there, and when I want to shoot it (or carry it) I just swap barrels and rounds in the mag and I've got a .357 SIG instead of a .40. The .357 SIG recoil seriously makes the .40 feel like a 9mm, no joke, when going back and forth, but it's manageable and doesn't hurt. The barrel (an actual glock stock 32 barrel) is $140. Also it fits in my Glock 27 and functions fine, just the barrel sticks out a bit. Can get a Glock 33 barrel to drop in there and it would all fit perfect. Fun round to shoot.
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