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I didn't vote for any of your listed pieces, because I've no personal experience with them. Same reason I won't "bash" any of them. However, this question is one I've entertained from time to time, so I find this thread interesting.

Since you're fond of the .357, and already own several, why not try something different? Have you looked at the .327 Federal?

How about a nice SP101, 3" .327 from Ruger? At 28 ounces, with a full compliment of six shots, I've decided on one, not trying another caliber (I too own a few .357s I'm very happy with), trying it just this once, it could be the wife's gun, reasoning that there's no improving upon my 3" SP101 in .357, it does offer six rounds, etc., etc. Still, it is a reason to buy just one more handgun that I haven't tried, but I just bought that little .22LR Sig this weekend, and my pockets are a little light right now....
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