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Let's say that 2 days ago when I picked up my gun, after all the paperwork and paying my fee, he brings it out and it's the wrong model (I ordered chrome and they sent me parkerized or something). What's the next step? Legally I own it right, it's "mine"? Is the FFL going to help me return it? Will the dealer take it back from me, or does it have to come back through the FFL? He's already entered all my info in his logbook and given me a receipt. Can the FFL "erase" the transaction so we can send it back to the dealer through him?

I understand that some of you think I'm being diffult and that's fine... but I enjoy being an informed consumer. Considering the amount of firearms trade regulation, I'm surprised that there isn't a set-in-stone standardization for shipping and transfer. It's certainly clear even by the few FFL's who've chimed in on this thread and via my personal experience that there is considerable variation. Some leave it on a shelf untouched until the buyer arrives... others open it themselves to verify numbers prior to the customers arrival.

I've watched several "unboxing" videos on Youtube where the person cuts the tape and opens the box in their living room for the first time, indicating his dealer/FFL never checked/verified the serial numbers on the gun itself.

Unless the ATF mandates someting like "a dealer shall immediately upon receipt of a package containing a firearm, open the package and visually inspect the serial number to ensure... blah blah blah...", I just can't come to a reason why an FFL would want to open the box before the customer got there. I understand taking the wrapping off perhaps to find an invoice inside, but I can't see any reason to opening the manufacturers box itself unless the ATF mandates it. I think that should be done by the customer.

MarkD and Guncrank, thanks for your comments.

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