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Dahermit, I shot at least three x three-shot groups with several different types of factory hunting ammunition. For each ammunition type I set up fresh targets during a range cease fire so the first group with each ammunition was with a cooler barrel than the other two groups. As expected with a number 2 contour barrel, the second and third groups opened up as the barrel heated up. I did not have the time to wait 10 minutes between shots to always shoot with a cool barrel.

The rifle also shot sub moa three shot groups with Federal Game King 165gr and Winchester Power Max 150gr ammunition. Given the manufacturer's claim that the rifle will shoot one MOA three-shot groups with premium ammo, I am pretty happy that it shoots sub MOA three-shot groups with inexpensive ammo.

Your point about five shot groups being a better indication of a rifle's accuracy is well taken. You still need to put down the benchrest standards guide and open a cold one. Or get a hunting rifle and sit in a deer stand.
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