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I disagree that we can leave the Bill of Rights as is and still have our rights preserved. Why?

  1. The SCOTUS on takes a handful of cases a year and infringements of all kinds of rights are passed in very many bills yearly.
  2. Until the SCOTUS can find a way to handle more cases or we define an absolute limitation on the size and power of bills that can be passed no amount of rulings is ever going to catch up.
  3. To my mind someone who is much better at words than I am needs to formulate an amendment that prohibits the re-instatement of laws with one or two word changes that cause the entire case to have to be fought through court over and over again... -see Chicago, California etc..
  4. States and mayors seek to defy rulings and law and they feel they can tell you what your rights are at will with no repercussions... unless we place some number of the military under SCOTUS control there is no way to enforce any ruling if our politicans choose to ignore it.
  5. The number of laws on the books is so vast that no one can know them all and that alone is a threat to freedom...
  6. Presidental imperial decree known as executive order could be used at any point to create a variety of gun rights problems... I believe this should be unconstitutional, laws need to be passed by congress, not the president. Its just a symantics game as is...
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