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Isn't it amazing that after over 80 years of reloading, we are just finding out that things won't work unless the brass is really shiny and clean.
First time I've ever heard that things won't work unless the brass is really shiny & clean. However I've learned it much easier to detect cracked necks and other minor defects in brass if it is clean. Also I happen, and I believe this is true with many other reloaders, I like shiny and clean brass just as I like a nicely waxed and shiny car, polished shoes, clean cut pants & shirt, shaved face and a sharp haircut. Nicely kept lawn and house etc., etc. Its called PRIDE!

Any one ever MEASURE bullet pull force?
Nope, never have!

Are world records being broken ONLY by perfectly clean brass?
Not really positive, but the Bullseye matches held just before the matches held at Camp Perry have been with clean & shiny ammo, some is factory, some are reloads. Its likely the shooters use the same ammo while at Camp Perry.

This is just what I see and in my experience, including what I see used by the National Pistol Champs.

If you or anyone else wishes to use dirty corroded cases, have at it, I guess. I'll look at somewhat as I look at a tidy machine shop doing quality work versus a shop looking like a dump and wondering just how good their work can be.

Just my 2 cents.
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