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I understand what John is saying about 'choices'.

Naturally, most everything we consciously do is done by our own choice to do so.

I also understand that there are circumstances in which I will inject myself into a situation that some may question. If my family is involved and there is an incident the same as the one the OP started this thread over. You can bet I'll be there for that family member(s).

The scenario MLeake referred to with having an elderly relative downstairs. I was in that situation for twelve years with my father and you can bet if an intruder would have got into the house downstairs, I would do what I had to to protect dad.

These ARE 'choices' that I would have made but I don't think they are wrong choices but are more normal choices and I believe most would do the same.

Has it been confirmed that the neighbor was in fact the shooters sister?

If so, under the same 'known' circumstances, I would have done the same as this dad did. Armed myself and headed straight next door to her house. My intentions would have been get into her house and stay with her till LEO arrived or escort her back to my house depending on if my family was there alone and wait on LEO.

Many years ago, the ex and I lived next door to an elderly lady(Mrs. Bishop) in which we became very fond of. At least once a month, in the wee hours of the morning, Mrs.Bishop called our house reporting noises she had heard outside or saw somebody looking in her window or smelled electrical wiring burning, etc.
Mrs. Bishop knew all the local LEO's on a first name bases and I nor LEO ever found a sign of any problem. She spent many nights with us as we figured she just got scared at night.

Whatever her reason for calling, I always asked her if her doors were locked and told her to turn all inside and outside lights on and we did the same before I went over there.
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