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OK it looks like the Bushnell red dot comes with the Built in mount for Weaver-style rail , and the Ruger mini 14 stock comes with One seven-inch and two two-inch Picatinny rails .

Now, what does this mean to you? Boiled down, it means that accessories designed for a Weaver system will, in most cases, fit on a “Picatinny” system. The reverse, however, is probably not the case. Due to the larger recoil groove, “Picatinny” accessories will not fit a Weaver system. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule, but for a good rule-of-thumb, “Picatinny” won’t fit Weaver, but Weaver will fit “Picatinny

So yes it should work on the mini . You can always call Ruger or talk with the sales guy who is selling you the gun
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