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Savage FCP-10

I have a bit of a problem...I love my new Savage FCP-10 in .308, unfortunately the stock is a little long for my stubby arms. I am in Germany and took it to a master gunsmith who pointed out that the stock was probably not solid and that the recoil pad inserts slightly into the stock. This means that even if we were able to cut off the 15mm or so required, the stock recoil pad would not fit (because the stock slims down as you go forward.) Also, without taking it apart, we don't even know if it is possible to cut the stock off and still reattach the recoil pad.

The gunsmith suggested that I contact Savage to see if they had a thinner recoil pad, but I like my shoulder just like it is (unbruised). I do like to shoot and with the recoil pad that came stock with the gun, I can shoot it all day..

Does anyone have any experience in this area ?
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