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Gunzilla is a barrel cleaner that is low odor and made from non-toxic materials. For a non-toxic cleaner / lube FrogLube is about as non-toxic as can be found.

I've tested Gunzilla against my long time cleaner Shooter's Choice with Kroil added (benchrest favorite among a number of shooters) - Gunzilla works as well at cleaning fouling from the barrel.

For removing leading, try Kroil and let it sit in the barrel for a couple of hours, in most cases the lead will push out with a copper brush, as the Kroil gets between the lead and barrel steel. For really bad leading, use a copper Chore Boy scrubber wrapped around the brush. Unroll the scrubber and roll some of it around the brush.

For copper - KG12 is no odor and works better than Hoppe's.

I use SLiP 2000 Extreme Weapons Grease (EWG) and Extreme Weapons Lube (EWL) as they are totally synthetic and have no odor.

The benefit to the SLiP lubricants is the wide operational temperature range. The EWG doesn't get stiff at low temperatures and impede slide function. You also use a miminal amount of lube - I take a Q-Tip and lightly wipe the rails with the grease. You should barely see the lubrication on the rails - it should be nor more than a thin coating that you have to turn the slide at an angle to a light to see.

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