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I have both the CZ 527 Varmint (laminate stock) and the American versions- and I highly recommend them. They are described as Mini-Mausers with the control round feed/claw extractor type actions. I seldom carry my Varmint model anymore because the Amercian model does everything the Varmint does as far as fantastic accuracy, durability, and reliability- plus it's just a little bit handier for a truck gun.

I don't know about the other models you listed, but the CZ Varmint has a very generous stock- especially so in the grip/wrist area. It has a very comfortable pronounced palm swell. The proprietary rings lock the scope down very solid, the only drawback is that the knuckle on the bolt wont clear the larger occular bell on some scopes. This however didn't rain on my parade, I took a fine needle file and relieved the area on the bolt handle knuckle to where it will clear the scope. I finished it up with a touch of cold blue. The metal took the blue very well.

If you reload, you'll enjoy that you can load the ammo a little long (for 55gr V-Max anyway). I seat my bullets to magazine length (which gets them closer to the lands), and that is a fantastic setup for this rifle in the accuracy department. I haven't tried any bullets other than the 55gr Hornady V-Max and the 55gr Midsouth Varmint Nightmares. With Privi Partizan brass, Varget powder, and Winchester SR primers, I still manage to get a solid 1/2" 5-shot group @ 100yds with the American and 'maybe' just a tad better with the Varmint model. And, just for general interest- CZ mag length is longer than mag length for any AR clips I have. Don't know the exact numbers, but that's the way it is at my bench.

Anyway, I hope to see you at least take a good look at the CZ. The single set trigger will seem like an immediate plus for your long shot interests.
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