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I'll hunt irons a wee bit every year. I bowhunt deer pretty hard in our long seasons here, the bow season runs concurrent with gun season for over 2 months.

Sometimes if scouting, or in really bad windy weather, I'll get in the thick pine plantations or other sheltered areas and slip along (or try to) with a light easy to carry rifle.

I like an old Rem model 14 in .30 Rem, which was my first deer rifle. I have an older tube feed Ruger .44 with XS sights which is easy to tote also. Another is an early Marlin 1894 in .357, and Williams peep, its often in the truck for GP use anyhow.

I have taken a Garand a few times as well, but not on stalking hunts, and have never killed one with a Garand, though with its longer sight radius, I shoot the Garand best.

I've decided if I'm ever going to kill another with iron sights I better do it soon, as I don't see'em as clear as I used to.
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