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In addition, this was a good lesson for the FFL I got it from on how NOT to ship a firearm. Believe it or not, the seller shipped the gun to me in a flat rate ENVELOPE from the post office. (The gun is a C&R so it was shipped to me) Of course, as luck would have it, something soaked the enveloped to the point where the envelope was disintegrating after I picked it up. Of course, the gun was wrapped up with paper, with no bubble wrap for shock absorption. Luckily the Colt was safe. I called the seller who said he was new to online and shipping, and told him never to do this again, politely. He accepted. I would have been mad even if I got all of my money back, because I wanted this gun dang it.

Here is a photo of the package with the gun still inside. I'm still amazed this FFL did such a thing.

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