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Anyone like the older Colt bluing?

I managed to get this gem of a Colt 1908 vest pocket online a week or so ago. I was really impressed with the amount of case hardening and its overall condition and originality as well. The grips are original and it has a two tone marked magazine.

I know it doesn't have a tactical rail, nor does it have a 18 rd magazine, it doesn't fire 410 buck shot shells, and its not in .675 magnum, but hey, I like it anyways. I had one almost this nice a while back which I traded to a friend to get that Colt 38 special trooper. We both traded to break even with what we paid. I always wanted another vest pocket since, but I told myself to wait for a nice one for a good value ~ $350 shipped - a good price IMO

This little guy is from 1921 per proofhouse. Its hard to beat the old Colt bluing as many of you know. I just love that blue sheen these guns have. I don't mind carrying a 25, but this one will be retired of that duty. I do plan to shoot it eventually.

You just don't often see em this nice. These were carried in their day. This one somehow survived.

Check out this case hardening. The trigger manual safety and the grip safety are all case hardened. Beautiful pre WWII craftsmanship is rampant on this little Colt.

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