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I use remmington bore oil? its in a 7oz bottle and removes lead build up.

As far as cleaning goes? I use tooth pic's/q-tips to get into the extractor and other areas I can't get with patches etc/or use a tooth pic to push the patch into area I can't get into.

Clean gun till no more blackness is on the patch, should be 0-5% dirty when done.

I don't use Hoppe's No. 9 unless I am shooting mosin nagant, because the ammo is corrosive. Smells like crap, thats why you should save that for corrosive stuff.

Get yourself some cotton white shirts, cut them into 8x8 or so and use those to wipe down your guns. I just spray my cleaning rag with some rem oil and wipe the surface after daily carry.

Most important to remove dirt from extractor, I use plastic teeth pic? you find it by dental floss. I cram a patch into the extractor and use the teeth pic to grid it and remove dirt/powered.

Anytime you handle a gun you should wipe it from oil/prints because it can cause spotting/bluing removal over time.
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