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Originally Posted by okiefarmer
Okay, my two pesos on this. I have both the LEE turret and the Pro 1000. I'll use the 1000 any day before the turret. I use the progressive in a non progessive way that saves me a lot of time, and this is all pistol brass. I clean and shine all brass first, then run them thru the tubes, depriming and belling the case mouth only. Tubes load fast with the collator, feed fast, and I can run through thousands in a short evening very easy. I prime with the LEE hand prime while watching History TV or something. Bagged and tagged and ready to load now.

I'll admit, I have never liked their little powder discs, so I put in blocks, charge under my RCBS powder drop, stick in case hlder in 1000 with bullet on top and start cranking again. I know I could use a single stage for this last step, but I choose to seat and use the LEE FC die in separate stages, I get more consistant loadings. Biggest timesaver being inthe deprime/bell stage where I never have to touch them.

Works for me
okiefarmer, that is BRILLIANT!

If I didn't load so many calibers, I would probably still have my Pro-1000s and use your method.

Kudos to you.

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