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So why have ammo companies not introduced centrefire versions of these calibres

The real question is why do you think they haven't?

The reason you don't know about them was that they were commercial failures.

The latest one I know of was the .22 CCM - Cooper Centerfire Magnum - a centerfire equivalent of .22 WRM. It could be loaded hotter with a solid head case and the strong Cooper action.

There was the .22 JGR out of Canada in the 1950s. It was a faint bottleneck, careful examination showed it was a cut down .22 Hornet. But cut down enough that it was the designer's intent to offer conversion of good quality .22 LR firearms.

There was a centerfire version of the 5mm Remington but that was a conversion to let people keep shooting their 5mms after inventories of the unsuccessful 5mm Rimfire Magnum were used up.

Going far back, there was the .22 Maynard. Mindful of the weaker case heads of the 19th century, they used the obsolete tiny 00 size primer to leave more case web thickness.

So it has been tried and tried again. But not enough paying customers cared.
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