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Isn't it amazing that after over 80 years of reloading, we are just finding out that things won't work unless the brass is really shiny and clean.
Any one ever MEASURE bullet pull force?
Are world records being broken ONLY by perfectly clean brass?
Please, if you want to clean, then clean. Don't try to justify your wants with reloading needs.
30 minutes in 20/40 corn is more than enough. Sometimes there is a residual white ash in the primer pockets and that comes out just as well with a little tumbling as by scrapping primer pockets by hand.
If you do always scrape out the primer pocket, how can you be sure you are NOT changing the primer pocket dimensions and leading to oversized primer pockets.
SS pins looks like a good method, but the whole sifting out pins and such seems like a lot more work than simply tumbling the cases for less than 1 minute to separate out the media.
We all do what we think is important, but don't imply that your wants equal my needs.
This is like the folks who buy a Case Pro rolling sizer for $646 and additional die sets for $180 to save cases that have already been used multiple times. This may make some sort of sense for competitive rifle cases that have been "find tuned," but the unit is only for pistol cases that aren't THAT expensive new and are even cheaper "once-fired."
It may make sense to the person spending the money...
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