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Thank you for taking the time to write that! You took a half hour our of my life with great pleasure.

Now, I can read the other 13 responses.
No problem. Like I said, after being flamed by taurus fans for too long I quit giving my opinion in these kinds of threads, but it seemed you werent looking to have someone tell you WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR, you sincerely wanted to hear our experiences. See below for another that I didnt relate, since it wasnt MY gun.

A friend of mine had a PT92 that shot patterns like a shotgun. He brought it to me to check out(im "the gun guy" in my group of friends). When I examined it I noted that when fully locked, slide forward, the barrel would wobble up and down. A lot. I mean, a whole lot. You could literally wobble this thing in circles around while it was "in lock up." Never saw anything like that before, had to recomend to him that he send it back. It came back from taurus "in spec" just as loose as it went to them, only now it had a couple scratches on its finish too. He sent it back again and they sent him a new gun. He called them to ask how it was "in spec" one week and "not repairable" the next, they didnt have an answer.

I have no idea how to calculate the percentage of returns but I'd guess it's infinitesimally small.
I would guess its not too small. It seems to me that they take the approach of "lets crank out the guns that sell, even if we know that they arent good, then we will fix them after they sell and we have a customers money." I would guess (and thats what it is, so dont ask me for numbers or to back it up) that they have at least 5 times the return rate of any other gun manufacturer, and probably 10 times. Thats my experience from hanging out in gunshops owned by two friends, owning a few of thier guns, and helping buddies who bought thier lemons.
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