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I grew up out on a farm with the nearest neghbor about 1/3 mile away. Mostly, I just had to walk away from the house, but sometimes I would sit on the back doorstep and shoot birds out of the peach trees. Sometimes Mom and Dad would come and stand and watch. I used a bolt action Revelation 22 s,l,lr. 1969-1971 I had two main friends, Bob and Bobby. Bobbby usually had a single shot Remington, but later got a Winchester semi 22. Bob had a Nylon 66 and thought he was the best shot. Mostly he just fired the most ammo. We could traipse any direction for 3 miles across the neighbors pastures and nobody complained. If we found a cow or goat out of place we would either get them back where they belonged or tell the owner or anything else that didn't look right we would report. So the land owners kind of liked us roaming their land. General rule was don't mess up anything or get hurt. About 1971 they both moved so our "hunting" expeditions were less frequent. Then we got cars and got interested in girls and hunted even less frequently.

Oh yes, back in those days when I was twelve and thirteen, I could walk into any store in town and buy 22 or 12 guage ammo, no problem. AND we never shot anybody.
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