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I live in an apartment with roommates, they're 21 and in college, they fit the stereotype for that particular group of people completely (getting drunk and coming and going and banging around at all hours of the night). I am paranoid, in Afghanistan I lived in a compound that had been overrun twice before the Marines took it over so I slept lightly. I have to tiptoe with my defense plan.

My roommates aren't dumb enough (at least I hope) to come banging on my bedroom door at 3am. I have nothing to defend in my apartment that isn't in my bedroom. My plan is to sit with my Mossberg 590 with my br door locked until it gets banged on. Then I'll ask who it is. If I dont get an answer after a try or two I call the cops and wait for my door to be breached, when that happens someone gets a face full of 00. No solo room clearing for me, just sit and wait and listen.
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