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The Univision Special has started to generate more reports

ABC, basically re-reporting what Univision turned up:

Discrepancies in what Mexican authorities found and what has been reported to Congress.

It could be because of a simple error on the part of DOJ, it could be the Mexican authorities have newer data - I don't know but I do think it calls into question once again the veracity of DOJ and Eric Holder, which is good - it should be questioned, I think the mainstream media has given Holder a pass with all of his excuses, implausible answers and misdirection.

This second report by Univision addresses the other gun running operations that were in play, which the U.S. Media has largely ignored. it seems like if it isn't called Fast and Furious - it's not news worthy to the U.S. media, but Univision is going after those operations too and they linked a Texas gunrunning operation to the death of Jaime Zapata.

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