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I don't mind babble! Interesting points, all of it. It is helpful for me to hear all this. I will have my Lyman manual soon...and can't wait to start reading. did I just say that? yikes.
Anyway, I looked at 748, and some of the others. Maybe it's silly, but the idea the temperature has a big impact on performance sort of puts me off. Maybe that is the case, no matter what. Pressure, humidity, temperature, and all that good stuff is going to affect performance on most things- especially when it is something that is burning. I get that. Maybe I'll never be satisfied! Maybe I'm splitting hairs. Maybe the differences aren't enough for me to really get excited over. I'm not benchrest shooting- or competition shooting at all for that matter. I guess my concern would be a round that works in one environment, and is over pressure in another- just from a safety perspective. I guess what I mean is I'd rather have a load that I can rely on to be safe in both extremes (that I might experience here in the mid atlantic region). Maybe the answer is just not running near the ragged edge of max loads. Heck, I dunno. Still trying to sift my way through it all!

I'm sure I will figure this out when I start reading my manual, but just for arguments sake...what if I said I wanted to mimic M855 rounds? Seems to me like I remember them being accurate enough- for my purposes at least (I'm still shooting aperture sights on the AR). Maybe that's a bad idea...I don't know. Just thought, from a logical standpoint, a military type round should be fairly accurate, safe, and relatively consistent in lots of different environments. Obviously it won't be match grade, but isn't it a good general purpose load? Not to mention the fact that it would probably cycle good through my AR. Just pondering.....
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