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I use 1 1/4 oz. of magnum shot (expensive stuff) and I load for performance. I use RP Unibody SP hulls, WW 209 primers, RP12 wads, and 33.0 of SR 4756. This load dates back to the 60s or early 70s and is printed in the older DuPont and IMR booklets. It absolutely turns pheasants sideways out to 55 yards with a modified choke, and will drop them at 70 yards if you hold right.
MV is stated at 1330 to 1340 fps. and I believe every inch. You can load 1 3/8 oz. in a Federal GM hull with the same effect. THIS IS NOT for wimps!! This load kicks the daylights out of me in an Ithaca 37, it's painful in my A5, and really stresses my 1100.
I used to save money loading trap loads, but with the price of shot today, it's cheaper to buy AA or Gunclub shells at Wally World.
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