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870 Cycling Problems

Would like opinion on what kind of problem I have and what I should do about it. I own two 870s. One is a bird gun that is 25+ years old (Pop's) and probably has a thousand shells through it. The other is a tactical police model that is about 5 years old and that has maybe 150 shells through it. The bird gun, no matter how slowly you cycle the action , removes the spent shell and chambers the new round as smooth as oiled glass. There is one little spot about a third the way to chambering a new shell where you can feel the resistance increase just a little and then drop off, but it is still super smooth. The police model has a spot seemimgly in about the same place, where if you don't have some speed going on the pump, it will hang up, sometime enough that i have to hold the forend and bump the rubber butt pad on the deck to get it going again. I have clened and oiled it, but it still occasionally does this and the more slowly you cycle it the more it catches, but not every time (about 75% of time). If the bird gun ws doing this it would be irksome, but I would only loose a bird. With the police model which is for self defense it can't be tolerated. If I can't fingure out what and why it is doing this - and what the fix is, it will have to go. Someone suggested it might be a tight chamber, but this seems to happenbefor th eround begins chambering.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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