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There's a good diagnostic "target" that helps explain to new shooters why they're doing a particular thing. It can be Googled and found all over the Internet, but it has been posted before right here on The Firing Line:

That said, it has been my experience that Springfield Armory pistols tend to come from the factory with the sights set to shoot low. This is not just me -- I have a good friend and fellow NRA pistol instructor who has observed the same thing. So, this MAY not be a software (shooter) problem, it MAY be a hardware (pistol) problem. If additional practice shows that you're getting good groups but always low, have a couple or three other (good) shooters try the pistol and see how it works for them.

I see reviewed the EMP when it first came out, and it doesn't appear to have shot low for them. But that was several years ago, and Springfield might have tinkered with the sights since then. But ... start with the diagnostic target.
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