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Warningshot: I have other .45s among those you suggested, but none offer any model as small as the AMT Backup. Bond derringers come in .45s, but I want more than two shots.

Skans: I agree. I've also done my online homework.

Sulaco2: I can't speak to your info regarding reassembled parts. My gun does have a recent serial number as above, and the gun was represented to be "new" from the manufacturer. I also would not call the new finish as "mirror". You've seen the pictures above, maybe "rust resistant"? I guess if one is looking for stainless - they'd have to go elsewhere. Working in a humid environment - this is probably the way to go if the gun is next to sweat and moisture. I too have found the recoil guide rod not "finished". In fact, you can still see the lathe grooves in it. It looks more of a bronze color than stainless (maybe oxidized?), and feels very rough to the touch. Regarding the .40 cal anything, they are underpowered when it comes to the man-stopper .45. The AMT .45 Backup feels great in my ankle holster, or pocket holster, and I would rather have my Kimber .45 Ultra Carry II on my belt. Glocks are polymer and oversized as is the Kahr p45 for my purpose (see attached comparison size URL).
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