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I stopped at the gun show in the metro Detroit area today and saw 3 sks's, all of them yugo's. They ranged in price from $375. to almost $600. for a very nice, but non original one. I was the only one looking at them, too. The dealers must not mind packing them up and taking them from show to show.
Everyone seemed to be interested in the AR's, some of which can be had new for not much more than that most expensive yugo I saw.
I paid $345 OTD for my Yugo back in Feb or so. I think the going rate is around $350 or so right now for them. A modified SKS in my opinion would be worth significantly less than a matching # rifle in it's original configuration. While I regret waiting until they were so expensive to buy mine, I don't regret buying the rifle and think they are still an excellent value comparatively speaking. All surplus rifles have gone up in price, I can remember me and my friend haggling with a guy at a gun show over a # matching K98 that was priced at $125, what's that rifle worth now??

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