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Noise and percussion... my wife hates those, too.

She's shot several of my handguns, to include a .44 Magnum; she's shot my M-1 Garand, my AR, and my Remington 870 12ga.

She's physically tough, but - she hates shooting indoors.

Outdoor ranges are much less painful, noise wise, as the noise can travel in all directions, instead of getting funneled and trapped between floor, ceiling, and walls.

So, if the noise continues to be a problem, try to find a good outdoor range within a reasonable distance, and that will help.

If the indoor range is your only viable option, double up on the hearing protection. Plugs in the ears, and cups over them. (I recommend this for outdoor rifle shooting, too, since it is not unknown for a rifle or shotgun stock to displace a cup; having the plug in can make a huge difference if that happens.)
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