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Easiest and best way would be for you to catch the Bellingham to Haines ferry. Yes, that route will take you through Canada.

You can either mail your guns to an FFL to a dealer in Anchorage, or include them in your household goods shipment. If you include them in your HHG, be sure to photograph each gun from multiple angles, especially the serial numbers, then make sure your renter/homeowner insurance is up to date.

If you're doing a full DITY move, ship 'em to a dealer. You can go the "register them with Canada" route, but it will end up being just as, if not more, expensive than shipping.

You can always catch the Bellingham to Ketch, then Ketch to Homer ferry... But that Ketch to Homer route is only open from June to September.

Don't expect you'll have any "troubles" along your way in Canada, even if you do, your weapons (in order to be legal) will have to be unloaded and locked in cases inaccessible to the passenger compartment.

Then again, if you are doing a full DITY move, you might want to consider driving all the way, especially if you're hauling a trailer. Anything over (I think) 20-ish feet gets you a bigger ferry fee with AMHS.

When do you expect to transfer?
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