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Something no one has mentioned that my wife and I are looking at with MY FIL is where does he live? My 90 year old FIL lives in a retirement home and still has a Model 10 in his closet, and refuses to give it up. We're very concerned that he might decide to handle it one day and have an AD, or think he has a need to use it for SD and shoot it. The problem is that a round could very likely go through the thin sheetrock walls and injure someone else in the retirement home several apartments away.

He was a very active hunter back in the day, but his physical situation has changed greatly in the last 15 years or so. We don't think he's really capable of safely handling a firearm any longer, and we're trying to deal with this situation without making him too angry. I think one day we're just going to have to walk in and pick up his gun and remove it. Always look down the road at any future changes in physical and mental abilities.
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