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nicknitro71-- I have shot my 308 at 1000 yards for 3 years now. Not a problem at all,Very easy and very do able. I would not recommend the 168 though. Go with the 175 SMK. One in 9 twist will do it very good, One in 8 would be better,but i have no issues with a one in 9.

but an F class champ told me they were no longer considered a winning bullet. What they are shooting right now, F Class 308, is the Berger 185

Slamfire- Are we talking F-Class or FTR-Class?. I find it hard to believe any one would enter F-Class with a 308.You would be out gunned from the get go.
As for FTR-Class,That is Limited to 223 and 308 only.

I shot 168's and they keyholed at 1000. That was the last I did that

Right you are Slamfire. 168 SMK or 168's are banned at anything over 600 yards/ You can run with them to 600 yards after that you ( around here anyhow ) Go with the 155 SMK's or 155 Hybreds or 175 SMK's I don't know any one that used heavier than 175,but you have sparked my intrests now for sure. Been wanting to try the 190 for a while now
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