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If TP&W has any shooting ranges I never saw them.

I now live in New Mexico and I guess I'm lucky. I own acreage and can walk out my back door and shoot on my own range up to 100 yards. If I want to shoot out to X miles, I just drive a few miles and I'm in the middle of BLM land that stretches about 40 miles. I can shoot anything out there, probably up to and including 8 inch howitzer.

The problem I have is the one several others have mentioned-- trash. I don't understand why so many shooters have to bring old computers, washing machines, room ACs, and other stuff out, shoot it full of holes, and then leave it on the ground for the rest of us to have to look at. I also bring containers and pack out all the trash I can, trying to keep the outdoors somewhat clean, so we can all anjoy the ability to use this land for shooting.
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