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S&W 66-2

So a friend of mine has an S&W M66-2 with a 2 1/2" bbl that he's looking to sell. I looked at it today to try and give him an idea what he should try to get for it. It's a nice piece but could use a little love needs a thorough cleaning and a new set of grips since the gun show cheapies he put on it 10 years ago don't fit right. It does however lock up nice and tight, no frame cut over top of the forcing cone, no discernible play in it at all. At some point someone had the side plate off it but it's not boogered up too bad. There's a faint turn line on the cylinder but I doubt this gun's seen 200 rounds. Wasn't cleaned the last time it was fired though which was quite some time ago. In any event, I got looking at completed auctions on gun broker and noticed the prices were all over the map. I was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 since there's no box or papers and the tool kit is long gone. What say ye? Too much or too little, what would you be willing to pay for a shooter grade 66-2?


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