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The .308 is capable of way farther than 1000yard shots. Like others have stated, the faster twist is usually the choice of most for shooting longer ranges with heavier weight projectiles.. I shoot a 1 in 10 twist, but mainly shoot 178 grain AMAX or 175 grain SMK's. But let me make this clear, I only punch paper with this ammo...I have seen a 308 hit steel at a mile.. The math is the most important issue. If you get a chance, watch the "Magpul Art of the Precision Rifle". Todd Hodnett teaches people to shoot a mile with the .308. It is worth the watch. A .308 at long range is like entering a Mazda Miata at a road race. While you can win, it takes a lot more skill.

I also use my .308 to offset my long range habits. I use my 50 BMG at anything over 800 yards though.
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