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First Line of Defense Neighborhood Watch blessed with extremely nosy neighbors serious about their safety and protecting their belongings.

Second Line of Defense Most houses here are bristled with security lights. When the Watch was first enacted, most of the neighbors installed motion detectors, which I already sported, to the liaison officer's delight. There were a few nights of dozens of lights kicking on and the sound of rattling fences all over the block. It pretty much stopped after that. (~10 yrs)

Third Line of Defense Strong locks on doors and windows, and braces where needed.

Fourth Line of Defense Security system with cameras and video. I don't have this in my present home as I am moving, but it will be installed in the new home. Security lights are already there, along with the locks and braces and I fully intend to enact a Neighborhood Watch when I become a full-time resident.

Fifth Line of DefenseCurrently a Kimber Ultra CDP in .45 ACP, my EDC, due to small spaces. When I move, either a Mossberg 930 SPX or a Colt 6721 as I haven't really decided on which, but it's nice to have options.
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