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First Range trip with Sig 1911-22

I got to take my Sig Sauer 1911-22 to the range for the first time today. It’s the first semi-auto pistol that I have owned, and the first brand new gun I have owned. The pistol shoots really nice. I had read that some people didn’t like the trigger out of the box, but I didn’t have any issues with it. Being a new shooter (or at least not having shot guns since I was a teen), I don't expect to be a great shot at this time. I am definitely going to have to develop some muscle control to keep my hands from shaking. That was actually one of the reasons I wanted to take up target shooting again after almost 25 years. Being diabetic, my hands shake some normally now and I don’t want that getting any worse. This is a fun way to develop techniques to deal with that.

I was using .22 LR Federal Champion Target Auto Match 40 Grain Solid point rounds. I shot about 60 – 70 rounds through it. Between my pistol, my wife's pistol and our new rifle, we went through about 285 rounds total. In the Sig I had 3 rounds that had problems feeding, that I believe where because the previous round was a little underpowered. Other than that, all the rounds went through it like a champ.

I was shooting at a target about 10 yards down range. I figure I can increase the distance as I get better. The pistol shoots an inch or two low. Sig includes three different front sites with the gun, so I can possibly change out the front site to correct this. That said, the pistol is far more accurate than I am at this time. I have seen video’s and posts of other people that are good shots, so I know how accurate it can be. That said I was really happy with how well I did with it.

As far as function and shear fun… my wife said I was grinning from ear to ear! I love the way it shoots and feels in my hand. We were also shooting my wife’s brand new Browning Buck Mark Camper. It shot much more on target (i.e. It wasn’t shooting low), and it was fun to shoot, but I like the feel and recoil of the 1911-22 better. My wife would have said the exact opposite, so I think we each picked the right pistol. I am looking forward to several years taking this baby to the range.

The 10 Body shots are my last ten from the pistol. The 10 Headshots are from the new Ruger 10-22 we purchased.

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